Dr. Abid R Karim

(Lead Clinical Scientist), BSc (Hons), PhD. 

After post-doctoral research in the mechanism of glucose membrane transport, I joined The Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery and progressed to Head the Neuroimmunology service as a Lead Clinical Scientist (The Medical School, University of Birmingham). In the last 25 years, under my guidance, Neuroimmunology Birmingham has become one of the major centres of excellence in the UK which provides a specialist diagnostic service (both home and abroad) for autoimmune neurological diseases including demyelinating (multiple sclerosis), neurological autoimmune (paraneoplastic) and other immune-mediated neuropathological (autoimmune encephalitis, peripheral neuropathies) disorders of nervous system.

My contribution to the scientific community is backed by numerous publications in the field of Neuroimmunology (chapters in books, invited-reviews, peer-reviewed articles, poster communications and abstracts) together with presentations in National and International Forums. Furthermore, through our websites, I am making significant contributions to education in Neuroimmunology and Autoimmunity.